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S5 Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

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LivaNova S5 Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

The LivaNova S5 medical eLearning website was designed and developed by MVP in 2021, with all video and animation produced by MVP. The second in a series of LivaNova eLearning platforms, the S5 eLearning website builds off of the extensive features of the XTRA ATS eLearning platform while offering new content aimed at medical professionals who need to be recertified in the operation and maintenance of the S5 heart-lung machine. MVP began by developing the content with the client, which would be based off of an existing slide presentation used during in-person training. MVP designed new designs for the slide deck to accommodate multiple layouts and styles of the slides, and revised slide content to ensure optimum clarity. MVP also wrote new scripts based on the slide content which would accompany the slides as voice-over narration in the video clips comprising the core material of the eLearning platform. Also produced an original whiteboard animation that provides an overview of the S5 heart-lung machine and its operation using an engaging animation style that takes the viewer component by component to understand how the S5 works as a system to provide extracorporeal circulation during cardiopulminary procedures. The scripts were written by MVP's own professional scriptwriters, and the voice-over narration was recorded in MVP's own professional studios.

MVP then took all slides and voice-over narration and created short video clips from them. The video and animation content was arranged based on the slide deck into sections and subsections, with menus organized to correspond to this division of content by subject areas and topics. All content is gated, so that users must watch each clip before they can proceed to the next, ensuring that all content is reviewed before users take their test. The test at the end of the course is comprised of 12 multiple-choice questions randomly pulled from a pool of over 30. Users must retake the test if they don't get the passing score of 80% or better. Feedback on their wrong answers, including links to the relevant content in the course, helps them improve on their weak areas. Those that pass the test are awarded a personalized certificate of completion with a unique alphanumeric code to ensure authenticity.

The S5 medical eLearning website also includes robust administrative features, including global and individual metrics reports that can be filtered by location, medical specialty, time pediod, and level of course completion. Other features include the ability to create registration codes singularly or in groups that allow access to the eLearning platform, the creation of teams that allow team administrators to view metrics on only their own hospital or clinic, document management for the library, setting an expiration time period that forces users to complete their training in a certain number of days before losing access, control of user information, and the capacity to edit the titles and keywords that are used in the search feature.

Users have additional methods of content access on the LivaNova S5 eLearning module. They can search for specific videos using keywords to match video titles, keywords, and/or scripts. Users can access the whiteboard animation directly for reference from the dashboard. They can also view a list of all videos by section and subsection if there is something specific they want to review. The dashboard also includes a progress tracking feature, showing an animated heart which fills with blood to the level of the user's completion of the course. Users can click Continue Course to resume from where they left off at any time, which is saved thanks to the login system. The platform also allows users to rate the module and submit feedback upon completion so LivaNova can gain further insight into the success of the eLearning platform.

Launching in 2021, the LivaNova S5 medical eLearning platform is yet another online distance learning tool that the company can use to reduce the costs associated with in-person training, as well as reduce the risks of such training during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic that has affected hospitals and clinics throughout the world. With rigorous testing and certification, the S5 eLearning platform offers good liability protection and helps hospitals and clinics ensure that they have medical staff qualified to operate and maintain the complex S5 heart-lung machine to ensure reliability and consistent performance in delicate cardiopulminary procedures.


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