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HoverTech Help Video

We recently finished a medical video that is the kind of project we love.  It is one that draws from all the talents we have here at Medical Video Production, combining many different facets of design and video production to result in one effective selling tool.

HoverTech is a client of ours that we have worked closely with for a while now.  They create air-assisted patient handling devices that can be used to safely move a patient in any situation. In the past, we have shot still photography of their products that have been used for many different purposes.  These photos have appeared in their product brochures as well as on their website, both of which we helped design and create.  The product photography has also been featured prominently in a group of videos we have produced for HoverTech.

This video series consisted of going on-location to several different places to film HoverTech using their products in various scenarios, highlighting the strengths of their devices.  These videos were shot in both hospitals and in homes, and resulted in several ten-minute long training videos, as well as 30-second promotional videos to be featured on their site and on product DVDs.

For their most recent video, not only did we go on-location, but we also shot footage of one of our actors in our fully outfitted studio as a “product spokesperson” for HoverTech’s HELP program.

Then, in post-production, we took the in-studio footage…

…and combined it with our graphic design and post-production team to create this professional presentation that highlights all the important aspects of the HELP program.


It was created to help educate hospitals on the benefits of utilizing the HELP program to “increase employee safety and efficiency, improve patient care and satisfaction, and lower workers’ compensation costs.” This video is effective because it utilizes many different aspects of video production.

For example, this video features custom-designed graphs that were created in-house:


Some of them were even animated to create a more engaging presentation:


Medical Video Production used on-location footage…


…and combined it with other stock imagery and graphic design to create the professional presentation HoverTech needed.


In this shot, Medical Video Production added our actor to the design and also used product photography that we took on-location during the shoot, all within the same frame:


Then we animated an introduction using their logo:


And added some music to really tie the entire video together.

As you can see, a lot of different elements all come into play into creating the perfect sales tool, and Medical Video Production has all the skills needed to help you sell your product.

Take a look at the final video here and see how Medical Video Production can help you when you need to create your next sales video!