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Medical Education Videos

Seeing is believing. Medical Video Production understands how important it is that those attempting to grasp a complex topic learn through all the principle methods of instruction: visual-spatial, auditory-sequential, and kinesthetic. Traditional medical education lies heavily on text, images, graphs, statistics, scientific studies, and the like—all primarily in the realm of the auditory-sequential learning style.

Targeting Different Learning Styles

However, not all learn as well from traditional educational materials as others. Even those that do learn well through these methods may benefit substantially by the other main forms of instruction. Medical education videos are powerful precisely because they combine the visual-spatial style of education with the auditory-sequential. Furthermore, Medical Video Production’s advanced capabilities in digital and interactive media allow the company to integrate interactive elements to medical education videos that can introduce the kinesthetic style of education and thus further engage audiences and thus improve retention of the information at hand.

Multimedia Productions

The key to the production of successful medical education videos is having a company that can support multiple artistic and technical endeavors and blend them seamlessly to create multimedia productions that have real impact with their target audiences. Medical Video Production is a full-service, one-stop professional video production studio with the capabilities to support every aspect of the development of high-definition medical educational videos: scriptwriting, casting of on-screen and voice-over narration talent, animation, in-studio or on-location filming, editing, and production for both DVD or the web.

If you would like to create green-screen-enhanced videos that utilize custom photographic, digitally illustrated, or 3D environmental backdrops, Medical Video Production has what it takes. Medical Video Production also regularly produces both 2D and 3D medical animation videos, and our live webcasting services can be utilized to bring live medical educational events to viewers irrespective of their geography. Furthermore, Medical Video Production’s high-end servers have the capacity to support streaming videos, so you can be sure that your audience is able to view fast-loading, smooth video playback of whatever you choose to present in your medical education videos.

Interactive Educational Videos

Medical education videos can be further developed through the use of interactive programming. Through chaptering and the development of attractive, easy-to-use graphical user interfaces (GUIs), Medical Video Production can create interactive pieces that afford the user substantial control over how they absorb the instructional materials. Medical Video Production can also include supplementary materials such as documents, graphs, images, and links to online resources in media libraries for an even richer learning experience.

The viewing experience can be made interactive through the interjection of questions throughout medical education videos, increasing viewer engagement even further. Post-video polling can also be incorporated to get a sense both of the retention of information as well as to capture demographic and other information that may be useful to you. Medical Video Production can also synchronize video to PowerPoint slides, images, and texts to create robust synchronized media platforms. When these elements are integrated with online registration systems, back-end administrations, advanced metrics reporting, and integrated certification processes, the final results are medical eLearning and Continuing Medical Education (CME) platforms that are emblematic of the synergistic style of digital and interactive media development that is the hallmark of Medical Video Production.

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