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Medical Marketing Videos

While healthcare organizations are in many ways vastly different than businesses, there is one thing that they share in common: the need to inform the public of the services and products that they offer. Consumers need to be made aware of the value your organization can provide if you have any hope of connecting with them. That is what marketing is all about—connecting consumers to providers for the mutual benefit of both.

Medical marketing videos are a great way to both introduce a healthcare organization’s products and services while also inspiring trust in the organization itself. Whether you are serving healthcare consumers directly or serving organizations that provide healthcare to patients, it is absolutely critical that potential customers and clients know that they can choose your organization with confidence that the best interest of clinicians and patients alike are always central to your organization’s culture.

The Human Touch

The importance of inspiring trust in a healthcare organization among consumers makes the production of medical marketing videos particularly important. Videos convey a human touch in ways that print and static web marketing materials simply cannot. Capturing live human voices and imagery to tell your organization’s story is a great way to relate to healthcare consumers and medical organizations in a friendly, trustworthy manner that inspires confidence. Utilizing on-location filming to capture video of your healthcare organization within its natural setting can further solidify this sense of trust, and is especially critical when marketing in-patient services such as long-term care, rehabilitation, recovery, and other similar services in which the setting is critically important to patient experiences and outcomes.

Explanation through Medical Animation

Medical marketing videos can also benefit from the integration of 2D and 3D medical animations. Both are able to explain complex medical topics in a way that is easier to understand, helping to reassure clinicians, healthcare organizations, and patients alike of the process involved in various diagnostics, therapies, and other healthcare services. 2D and 3D medical animation videos allow a glimpse into intricate anatomical structures that clarifies while also keeping viewers engaged. Juxtaposing 2D and 3D medical animations against live-action video can help further enhance interest while presenting different types of information in the most appropriate format.

Medical Video Production’s Professional Video Production Studios

MVP’s professional video production studios, measuring a full 30′ x 70′, include everything needed to create a wide variety of high-definition medical marketing videos. MVP is equipped to produce high-quality green screen videos which are useful when you want to feature a spokesperson to narrate important concepts in a more intimate visual setting. MVP’s advanced video production capabilities allow its clients to add a variety of backgrounds to green screen videos, including photographic backdrops, custom illustrated environments, custom animated environments, or even custom 3D environments, all of which help to catch and keep viewer attention.

Medical Video Production also provides its own casting services, sourcing both professional on-screen and voice-over narration talent from its Actors’ Network. When filming or recording in studio, MVP provides its live webcasting services to allow its clients to view and provide direction in real time, ensuring that the end result meets all expectations for the project. Furthermore, MVP can host streaming videos on its own content delivery network to ensure that any high-definition online videos that are produced load as fast and as smooth as possible, ensuring reliable performance every time.

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