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Philips HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation

This was the third in a series of Virtual Medical Simulations designed and developed by Medical Video Production for Philips Healthcare in 2011. The eLearning tool uses a combination of 3D models, animation, high-definition integrated and streaming video, digital illustration, photography, voice-over narration, closed captioning, and advanced programming to move the user through an introduction and passive and active simulations where users learned how to work with the new interventional suite. Medical Video Production also included a post-simulation testing area that when passed grants users a personalized, dated certificate to demonstrate their completion of the training. The final result was an enveloping interactive virtual medical simulation that allowed clinicians to learn how to use the new interventional suite in a risk-free and rewarding way.

Medical Video Production received two awards for a similar virtual medical simulation produced for Philips Healthcare in 2011 and 2012 for the XperGuide iPad app. Feel free to read more about these awards and virtual medical simulations in general by clicking the following links.

Tabby Award

Philips Award
dda medical virtual medical simulations article

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